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Castle Black

  • Type: Location
  • Faction: The Night's Watch
  • Cost: 2
  • The North.
  • Action: Kneel Castle Black to choose and stand a defending [Night's Watch] character. Until the end of the challenge, that character gets +2 STR.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Number: 136
  • Illustrator: Lino Drieghe
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One of my favortie locations thus far. It allows your characters to defend and still attack (If you're the second player) which to me that makes it seem pretty strong on it's own. It's helped me ward off Lanni's Int changles thanks to this + The Wall using only Maester Aemon and Jon Snow. It's even helped me ward off Targ's Mil challenges using Ranging Party and Uncle Benjen Stark. I think we'll be seeing this card quite a bit.

One of my favorite cards in the core set and it really works well with the Wall. It often lets your oponent make unfavourable options, especially with the draw locations out.

Apr 19 2019 07:09 PM

Can you explain the meaning of the card? Playing the castle, I stand the character and bring him out of challenge. But at the same time, I add to him 2 STR that act only in THIS challenge. But he is no longer a party to the challenge, and in the next challenge STR will not be added. Help me!

No, he don't left the challenge. You declare him as defender (must kneel), then you can use Castle Black after he is already at the challenge as a defender. He will than stand and get the bonus, but stays in the challenge. He will be able to contribuite in this challenge with +2 STR and still be used after the challenge (because you stand him).

You don't bring the character out of the challenge. You just stand him and add 2 Str. A character usually has to kneel to join a challenge, but remaining kneeling is not a requirement of participating in a challenge a character has already joined.