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Master of Whispers (title)

  • Type: Title
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Cost:
  • Supports: Hand of the King
    Rivals: Master of Laws, Master of Coin
    You may resolve your [Intrigue] claim against any number of opponents of your choice.
    [+1 STR during [Intrigue]]
    (supported by Master of Ships)
  • There are things I might tell you of that eunuch that would chill your blood.”
    -Grand Maester Pycelle
  • Quantity: 1
  • Number: 206
  • Illustrator: Mike Capprotti
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... i can force any number of opponents to discard a card if i win a single intrigue challenge? Seriusly?


I expect the poor beleaguered Stark player to grab this every round he can, just to deny it to factions with actual intrigue :P

I don't see that somehow. If the Stark player is that weak on intrigue, then an opponent taking Master of Whispers would have probably targeted them for it anyway, so +1 Int strength aside that makes little difference.

As Stark I think I'd rather have the card to get around relative lack of draw, the crown regent to only face 2 int challenges, or the mil claim booster for what I'd hope are obvious reasons.

No, I mean that if you have Master of Whispers, and want to attack the Martell/Tyrell/Lannister players' hands, it's best accomplished by beating on the Stark player.


Stark grabbing MoW just means that they won't be being used as a whipping boy to punish other players.

I get that, but I think the Stark player gains out of not having MoW. He doesn't have to be one of the people chosen for claim by the MoW player after all, so if he goes for a more aggressive title he can make a deal such as "I won't mil you and I'll let you int me as long as you don't make me pay claim".

I think this is a larger gain for Stark than they get by using MoW in general.

Plus, it's not like having this is going to stop the Stark player from being the INT whipping boy. In my experience, people aren't looking at the board and asking, "How do I attack a Martell/Tyrell/Lannister hand?" - they are looking at the board and asking, "Where can I win an INT challenge?"


Stark taking this agenda is probably not going to result in other players thinking, "There's no point in attacking Stark for INT because it doesn't hurt Martell/Tyrell/Lannister," especially if they have little to no INT on the board. Players are generally going to look at Stark, think, "I can probably win an unopposed INT challenge against him; more power and renown for me!"

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Anyway, I found this title op.

How does this title interacts with cards like Vengeance for Elia or Trial by combat? Do they override it since they are played after the title?

Download the official FAQ. The issue is addressed there.

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But if I lost the intrigue challenge having this title, can I discard card's from anyone hand and not only from my hand?

May 12 2017 11:15 AM

Because you usually resolve your claim against yourself, am I right?

Because you usually resolve claim when you lose a challenge!

Jun 12 2017 10:21 PM

You would think that FFG would finally call this card what it should be.... Master of Whisperers. Not Whispers.

But surely "Master of Whispers" would have a greater domain than "Master of Whisperers", for you control the medium itself, rather than just being the best at talking quietly. ;)

Master of Wispas meanwhile has control over textured chocolate bars. That one seems the best to me. 

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