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Milk of the Poppy

  • Type: Attachment
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Cost: 1
  • Condition.
  • Terminal. (If attached card leaves play, discard this attachment.)
    Treat attached character’s printed text box as if it were blank (except for Traits).

  • By the time the maester removed the funnel from his mouth, he was already spiralling back to sleep.
  • Quantity: 2
  • Number: 35
  • Illustrator: Kara Williams
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I have a quick question about the interaction between Milk and the Renown keyword. If my character has accumulated say, 2 power in Renown, and is milked, I know that he cannot accumlate more unitl it's removed, but does his existing power remain on him? That's how we played it today, but I'd like to verify.

The character keeps the existing power it has accumulated. Milk of the Poppy blanks the text box, but is not so powerful it can remove power tokens :)

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Nice! Thank you for the quick response.

Total noob question here, but I gather you would attach this card to an opponents character.  Is there ever a case where I'd attach it to my own?

Maybe on Jorah, if you really want to keep the two power but also need him to win challenges. Maybe on the Hound, if Tywin/Tyrion are dead and you know you won't have gold to keep playing him from your hand and you need a permanent board presence.


I don't think either of those are particularly strong, but they might be worth considering.

I actually Milked my own non-duped Tywin once, when he had 4 Renown Power on him.  I was playing against Greyjoy Fealty, and based on my hand and the board state I knew there was no other way to protect him from The Seastone Chair.

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Very interesting, I hadn't thought of those situations obviously.


Thank you.

Does milk of the poppy blank gold bonuses on characters?

For instance, is the +2 gold on Tywin considered part of his text box?

RRG, p. 4:


If a card’s printed text box is considered “blank” by an ability, that text box is treated as if it did not have any of its printed content. Text and/or icons gained from another source are not blanked.

- A card’s text box includes: traits, keywords, card text and abilities, and non-challenge icons (such as gold, initiative, and reserve modifoers).

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I always thought traits are not blanked by Motp.

I always thought traits are not blanked by Motp.

That's true, but it isn't inherent to the definition of either the Text Box or the Blank effect. Milk of the Poppy makes a special exception for traits.


The key point is that they don't want you thinking the Text Box refers only to text in said box or that Printed refers only to text.

sorry for the totally noob question 

but i'm new to the game and didn't play the first edition 

i couldn't know what is the benefit of that card , am i supposed to use it on my cards or my opponent cards ?

as i was thinking if i play it on my own cards , that will be a disadvantage and i'll never play it 

Thanks and sorry again for the nooby question 

Jun 10 2016 03:48 PM
This is essentially a control card used to neutralise dangerous characters such as Balon, Mirri, Tyene etc. Note that the character keeps its traits so it's perhaps not as much of a threat to Danaerys Targaryen who gains abilities from her dragons. In other words, any gained text is not affected as the blanking effect only removes printed text.

Note also that it does not return to your hand if the attached character leaves play; it goes straight to the discard pile instead (terminal).

In the current card pool, Confiscation and Rattleshirt's Raiders are the best counters.
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And to add to this in a broader way since you are new, you will find attachments that are known as "negative attachments" because they attach to your opponent's cards rather than your own, giving some form of disadvantage to your opponent. This is obviously one of them. You should also note that negative attachments cannot be used during set-up since you can't guarantee a target from your opponent's set-up.

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Let's add here that, even though Milk is obviously a negative attachment at its core, one CAN place it during setup albeit to his own character, since it lacks the text "opponent's character only". Not that it's a good move, still it is within the rules.

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Thanks a lot for help guys ,  that helped me a lot 

there are a few cards you might actually want to milk on set-up, especially cards with negative abilities such as Bron, The Hound, Jorah... etc.

Neither of the cards you mentioned should be blanked at setup for different reasons.

The main one being that you will want to blank your opponent's key characters down the road :P

Hi guys. Milk doesn't affect any abilities or keywords or buffs gained from other attachments on the character does it ? Just the text on the actual character card.