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  • Type: Character
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Cost: 6
  • Icons: Intrigue
  • Strength: 3
  • Lord. Small Council. Spy.
  • Stealth.

    Interrupt: When the dominance phase ends, remove Varys from the game to discard each character from play.
  • “Why is it always the innocents who suffer most, when you high lords play your game of thrones?”
  • Quantity: 2
  • Number: 29
  • Illustrator: Mike Capprotti
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Oct 08 2015 07:44 PM

If you are running more than 1 copy of Varys in a deck and you use his effect can you then play a 2nd copy?

Yes. Cards that are removed from the game do not interact with the game at all. So there are no rules (like uniques in the dead pile) to stop you from playing another copy.

Oct 08 2015 08:54 PM

Thats is what I suspected but I just wanted to make sure. 

This is a really strange words. The phrase 'remove from game' does not appear in the rules reference. 

Oct 09 2015 02:16 PM

If what you say is true (I haven't looked for it) that is indeed odd. That being said, I think the card text is fairly straightforward and doesn't require much clarification. This is also a fairly standard mechanic in many card games. Yu-Gi-Oh comes to mind. Yu-Gi-Oh was WAY worse than 1.0 in the "the rules are the rules until a card confusingly says otherwise" department. Those cards could literally say ANYTHING.

I can think of no better way to say that the card is removed from play entirely and unable to affect or be affected by the game state in any way.

This is a really strange words. The phrase 'remove from game' does not appear in the rules reference. 


It does, many times. It tells us Agendas cannot be removed from the game, that Removed from the Game cards are out of play (p9)... but even more specifically, it has a whole entry on Removed from the Game p.17. 

Strange. Nothing came up when I searched the PDF. But it's there on p. 17. 

Once Varys is in play, does he have to trigger his ability during the next dominance phase? I notice that his text lacks the word "may", so I think this must be the case.

Triggered abilities are always optional. You do not have to trigger an Interrupt any more than you have to trigger a Response or an Any Phase action. If you had to remove Varys, it would have been a Forced Interrupt.
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I see, awesome. I didn't want to end up throwing a time bomb on my board. Thanks!

He's less of a time-bomb and more of a dead-man's switch. He hits the board and your opponent is kind of in "hostage negotiation" mode with you, trying to figure out how to make sure you DON'T hit the button.

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Or how to get least bit damaged by it when you do hit the button (Only marshaling locations, or saving gold and holding back characters you can potentially intrigue out)  The threat of a Varys has almost as big an effect as his dominance interupt

I had yesterday a long and painful game playing with the Coredecks until the other cores arrive.

I played Greyjoy/Stark and my Opponent Targ/Martell. At some point he just flooded the board including Dany, two dragons

and other crap. I was sure i would loose this match. Then a wild Varys appears. BOOM! All gone.

With that i completely recovered and took the lead and rushed to about 13 power.

Balon was out and some other good characters... Suddenly my opponent smiled and dropped Varys.

Another boardwipe. I think after 11 rounds he won bc i was down on ONE card in my hand. Sick game.

(just a small story about Varys.)

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Jan 08 2016 08:47 AM

Can duplicates save characters after Varys or he discards duplicates and characters?

duplicates can be used to save a character from leaving play, varys causes your characters to leave play, because he doesn't say "Cannot be saved" you can use duplicates to save from his abiltiy

I dont think you can, the cost to start his effect is to remove him from the game, so if you saved him it would cancel his effect all together. 

I dont think you can, the cost to start his effect is to remove him from the game, so if you saved him it would cancel his effect all together. 

I think the question was about other characters that have dupes, not Varys himself. You are correct that if you save Varys with a dupe then the effect doesn't happen. Other characters can be saved from Varys' effect however.

If you have Varys duplicated, when you remove him from the game, what happens to the dupe? Does it get removed from the game too or discarded?


Also, if I have a bodyguard on Varys, I take it the bodyguard cannot save Varys from being removed from the game?

I was playing a game online and the opponent did use it to save him, which didn't seem right but I didn't question it as I wasn't certain.

If a card leaves play:

  • All duplicates on the card are discarded.

Bodyguard cannot save from being removed from the game (only from being killed or discarded). A duplicate can save from any "leaves play" effect though. But if you trigger Varys and save him with a dupe, you effectively prevent the cost of his ability from being paid, and so the effect does not resolve.



If any part of a cost payment is prevented, once all costs that can be paid are paid, the process of initiating the ability or marshaling/playing the card immediately ends without further resolution.

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