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Aegon Targaryen

  • Type: Character
  • Faction: Targaryen
  • Cost: 4
  • Icons: IntriguePower
  • Strength: 3
  • Lord.
  • Shadow (3).
    Reaction: After Aegon Targaryen enters play, search your deck for an Army or Mercenary character, put it into play, and shuffle your deck. At the end of the phase, if that card is still in play, return it to your hand.
  • Quantity: 3
  • Number: 14
  • Illustrator: Paolo Puggioni
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If you use Aegon to search for Second Sons, which effect goes off first at the end of the phase? Return to hand (Aegon)? or Sacrifice (Second Sons)?

must be the "Forced Interrupt"

End of phase triggers in the following order.


W - Interrrupts that reads When the phase ends.

U - Until the end of phase

A - At the end phase


Then there's reactions to the phase ending, can't think of anything that reacts to the phase ending.


So for your question, seconds sons would trigger first since it's an interrupt and Aegon's effect to return seconds back to hand happens at the end of phase.


This is all detailed out in the last page of the FAQ regarding end of phase timing. Remembering WUA acronym will help you with the sequencing similarly to how people advise players to remember the DUCK acronym for end of challenge sequence.

If you use Aegon to search for Second Sons, which effect goes off first at the end of the phase? Return to hand (Aegon)? or Sacrifice (Second Sons)?

From FAQ:


1) Interrupts to the end of phase may be used.  (Forced Interrupt of Second Sons here, before regular Interrupts)

2) “Until the end of the phase” lasting abilities (and “during the X phase” abilities) expire. This step is the precise moment at which the phase ends, and anything that occurs as a result of the next two steps occurs outside of the phase.

3) “At the end of the phase” delayed effects resolve. (Aegon's delayed effect)

4) Reactions to the end of the phase may be used.


So, Second Sons will be discarded (or not if you placed any gold on them).

If Aegon were to be removed from play or the abilities muted, would the character still be bounce back to hand?

Yes, his ability creates a lasting effect that will resolve regardless of whether Aegon is still in play or is blanked.