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The Dragon’s Tail

  • Type: Event
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Cost: 0
  • Omen.
  • Action: Choose an opponent. You and that player each draw 2 cards.
  • The comet's tail spread across the dawn, a red slash that bled above the crags of Dragonstone like a wound in the pink and purple sky.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Number: 1
  • Illustrator: Jokubas Uogintas
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Nice to see some of the old 1.0 melee cards occasionally make a return to 2.0.

While this might be good for melee, for joust I would not recommend this card.  You end up net profiting one card (sure, you draw two but you are paying a card to do that) while giving the opponent two cards. 

Aug 02 2016 07:08 PM

With no draw cap in second edition this card is great in combo decks (which dont exist yet). Including this 3 times into the deck effectively reduces the decksize by 10%. This might actually see some play at some time ahead.

I think this might work well with Kings Of Winter, reducing your opponent's reserve and then flooding his hand with cards.

Or Kings of Summer so you have enough reserve to keep them all!