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  • Type: Character
  • Faction: The Night's Watch
  • Cost: 5
  • Icons: Intrigue
  • Strength: 4
  • Ally. Wildling.
  • Immune to Omen card effects.
    Action: Sacrifice Craster to put each character that was killed this phase into play from its owner’s dead pile.
  • “Even so, he’s never turned a ranger away from his fire...” -Thoren Smallwood
  • Quantity: 1
  • Number: 85
  • Illustrator: Victor Manuel Leza Moreno
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Not sure about this guy. His ability is obviously strong, but I guess he will be milked all the time, as commonly the NW opponent will have his milks stucked in hand. But on the other hand Valar is the biggest threat for defensive walling. We will see

Good point about Milk. Milk used to be a wasted card against NW (not counting Benjen, which stats were decent anyway). Craster will be from now on no. 1 target for Milk in any matchup.

But that's like saying Varys is bad cos u can milk him in NW, obviously you will play Craster as second player marshaling, but how powerful is he?

Feb 01 2017 01:57 AM

I love Craster. Milk is being cut from a lot of decks due to Valar and, even if he is milked, that's one less milk for Benjen. Win-Win, in my book.

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