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Brothel Madame

  • Type: Character
  • Faction: Lannister
  • Cost: 3
  • Icons: Intrigue
  • Strength: 2
  • Companion.
  • Reaction: After the challenges phase begins, choose a player. That player may give you 1 gold from his or her gold pool. Until the end of the phase, if that player has not given you gold this phase, he or she cannot initiate [Military] challenges against you.
  • Quantity:
  • Number: 29
  • Illustrator: Tiziano Baracchi
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One of the first thoughts is that it is good for decks that don't rely heavily on military, and for those that highly emphasize ambush.  This gives you that extra gold (potentially) for getting those ambush characters into play more reliably.  Thematically entertaining, that you ambush them as they are lured into the brothel...and after they pay of course.  When they decide to give a gold to you to initiate military claims, did they bring you into your Put to the Sword, your Tears of Lys or something else dangerous?!  That one gold can be quite brutal, and I think she will be a nice lynchpin card for a lot of Lannister decks that rely on these game decisions and ambush effects.


It's not a bad setup card either in the way that people are still setting their boards up and may not be able to threaten you with an early military claim on that first turn where it tends to hurt the most.


Solid card.

Solid, yes. Spectacular, no. If you have claim soak on the board plenty of decks won't be bothered about making military. Weak challenge capability herself too.

There are 2 scenarios I can think of where she is good. Firstly, the opponent is about high claim mil challenges - paying you 1 gold makes lpaying Winter is Coming or PTTS that bit tougher, assuming they left any behind before you marshalled this as second player.

Secondly, they have renown characters that participate in multiple challenges such as standy Randy, to slow their rush.

These are common enough that I'll put her in decks, not so common that I want more than 1 copy.

I really like this card for the Lannister INT deck that abuses Warden of the West. It provides another source of INT while can help you survive longer by avoiding MIL challanges (or giving you gold to ambush people).


The best plot for this card is Supporting the Faith, but aside from it, is there any other way to force your enemies to discard their gold? 

Naval Superiority is the only non loyal I can think of, and not guaranteed at all.

Does one need to pay the gold immediately or during the phase before initiating MIL challenge?

Does one need to pay the gold immediately or during the phase before initiating MIL challenge?


Short and useless answer: yes.

If you give your opponent a gold at any point in the phase, you'll be able to initiate a military challenge. However, the rules don't allow you to just "give" an opponent gold - so you'd need to do it with a card effect. Currently, Brothel Madame is the only card in the game that allows you to "give" a gold to your opponent - so you'd have to give the gold when Brothel Madame was triggered.

does this effect stack?

does this effect stack?


No, because the "Until the end of the phase, if that player has not given you gold this phase" would already have been satisfied the first time. You pay the first gold, then you wouldn't have to pay the second to satisfy that condition.

Essentially, the card would need to say something like, "If that player does not give you gold for this effect..." for it to stack.

Not that anyone is playing NW Banner of the Lion, but just as a language clarification how would she and Meager Contribution interact?  MC says "move a gold" as opposed to the opponent "giving" a gold, so I'd expect Brothel Madame would still apply after Meager Contribution is played.  Sound right?  Thank you.

Well firstly, it's this phase and meager happens in the marshalling phase, so there is definitely no interaction.

But you are correct that move a gold is not the same as give a gold, however if there are future cards that allow you to give a gold it'll obviously interact with that.

What is the ruling on her in interaction with The First Snow of Winter? First player decides which reaction triggers first?

I think if Madame's reaction is triggered first, opponent has to pay 1 gold because she creates a lasting effect even when she returns to a hand.

First snow is a Forced reaction, and those always happen before (player triggered) Reactions so you can't trigger her if she's been returned to hand.

Sep 10 2017 11:01 AM

If I have two, do I get two gold coins?

Your opponent can choose to give you 2 coins, if you trigger both Brothel Madames. 

However, there would normally be no reason for the opponent to do so; giving you 1 coin fulfills the requirements of both Madames.