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Even-Handed Justice

  • Type: Event
  • Faction: Baratheon
  • Cost: 2
  • Action: Choose a standing character controlled by each player. Kneel each of those characters.
  • The High Septon began with a prayer, asking the Father Above to guide them to justice.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Number: 26
  • Illustrator: Joshua Cairós
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Just to make sure, the Bara player chooses the two characters that are being knelt, correct?

No. A player who plays this event chooses and kneels 1 standing character controlled by each player.

Note that the original post is correct for the most common scenario (a Barathron player using this event in a one-on-one Joust game), but TrueLolzor's generic phrasing is also correct -- acknowledging that the event is not loyal and so could be played by anyone using a Stag Banner agenda, as well as that it could be played in multiplayer games.


Important side note: There is no "if able" on this event. So this event can only be played if each player has at least one standing character to be chosen as a target.

Do people usually prefer to have this in their Bara decks, or Consolidation of Power? I usually gravitate towards the latter, for one less gold (two with Fealty). 

I don't play too much Bara but it seems like a little bit extra is worth it to kneel Tywin or Mirri

Jun 07 2016 05:14 PM
The appeal of EHJ is that you can choose any of your opponent's characters to kneel, whereas COP limits your choice to total 4str. That's not too bad for 2 gold if you can shut down Tywin, Mirri et. al. The only disadvantage I can see is the need to have a chud to kneel yourself.

Or combo it with Ours Is the Fury. Or "power up" Ser Barristan. If you're creative, there can be advantages to kneeling your own character - chud or otherwise.