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A Lannister always pay for Roses


Just builded this deck last night, will test it at weekend. As in any cardgame my minor problem is to have to much cards in the deck. Will try to reduce them after playtesting.

After playing against Barateon Fealty and Targaryen Fealty i have made some minor tweaks. Ser Gregor needs the Littlebird. :D 

Now i'm thinking about the Strat Deck. Maybe changing Counting Coppers for Wildfire Assault. 

Did a few playes in Melee against Targ/Fealty and Martell/Krakenbanner and it runs very well. Need a few games more for minor tweaks. Will test it next week in Joust against Bara/Fealty.

After some playtests against Bara Fealty, Martell Fealty and some Multiplayer Rounds im very well with this deck. Im fine with the 66 cards too.