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Bara/Rose Knights (2nd @GTG Stoke SC)

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I have thought about building a similar deck for my next s/c, but i have 3 questions


Is it really worth playing this out of Bara just for Moon Boy?


with such a low cost curve and only 9 1 cost events did you feel you needed all that economy? 


why no lightbringer, Ser Davos or the Vanguard could stand after Lady Sansa's  

Mar 01 2016 06:53 PM

Great deck Tim. I played you in the first round of the cut (NW/Lanni). You're deck has inspired me to try my own version. Looking over character selection is similar, but I've opted for some milks, consolidation of power and some different plots too. Will try it out tomorrow and night and see how it goes!!

Mar 01 2016 09:24 PM
Tim, your deck was very good. I only won due to Varys. The Final was the most epic game I have played.



I went with Bara as main faction for The Red Keep and Moon Boy; the card draw was invaluable, and the +2 str in power challenges was great too.


Having all that economy meant that I could play nearly everything that I drew.  The Dragonstone Faithful and Garden Caretaker are good claim fodder.  I might play around with the economy a bit, but it would probably some swapping of plots first (maybe taking out A Noble Cause for Calm Over Westeros).


I did consider Lightbringer, but only for the R'hllor trait.  I went with King Robert's Warhammer in the end because of the str boost, but I might find room for both.




Thanks!  It's a fun deck to play and choosing which events, etc, to put in was difficult.  I'd be interested to hear how you get on with your version.




Thanks!  If I hadn't of been such a noob and pinned A Tourney for the King then it may have been different.  Well played mate!