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BtW: A Hunting Accident (Anti-Bara)

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You really think you will be using PttS so often? x3?

Yet no Casterly Rock which could kneel you additional opponent's character and make opening for Tears on Robert or Stannis?

Additional Widow's Wail will not hurt you in case the other got discarded.


If this is anti-Bara, then where is fortified position? Best to neutralize Stannis in preparation for next round. Ideally should be followed by some Sneak Attack. 

-In my testing, yes, I do use PttS that often.

-I have not felt the need for Casterly Rock. Given The Red Keep and the military focus of the deck, I often have other priorities which means I rarely have characters standing for a second intrigue challenge. 

-If Widow's Wail eats a confiscation, I consider myself quite pleased. While I agree that a second Widow's Wail wouldn't hurt the deck, it would also be fairly low on my priority list as it doesn't directly help me oppose Bara's tricks by putting more bodies on the board after kneel calculations have been made, or neutralizing melisandre. Of the first two cards I'd consider cutting (the Queen's Assassins), neither of them would be replaced by a Widow's Wail.


Fortified Position is one of my favourite anti-bara plots. It's in 2 of my other anti-bara decks in progress - but I don't find that Lannister can afford it. Especially not with Varys as a major part of the strategy. Fortified Position helps when you're not counting on the textbox of a character to win you the challenges you need to pull off some sort of Melisandre pressure - for instance, in Stark, a fortified can let you put ice on any of your characters and likely win the challenge and kill Melisandre. In contrast, without Tyrion/Tywin's text box, affording a PttS is going to be difficult on a 4g plot. It's also worth noting that this deck, in particular, doesn't much care about Stannis (Seal of the Hand and PBTT are both reasonable counters that keep the board state relatively neutral). If I were going for a high-pressure intrigue strategy, with more low-cost characters (and cersei, etc), then I'd probably feel the need for fortified position to counter many big characters, but then I'd also need to completely rebuild the deck and scrap PBTT, run Hand's Judgement for Consolidation of Power, etc. 

Who no Cercei? She might be a beast once Varys hits the board. Your opponent cannot safely play big guys yet cannot hold on to them either.