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Cersei's Wh***house (Munro Clan)

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It's updated correctly now after I went home and checked the deck.

Ironically, the newly-added religious plot complements the bordello nicely!

The deck has been working an absolute treat! I may reduce the Milk though. Maybe add one more Seal and a Widow's Wail.

Attachments updated. The deck continues to rock.

A few more minor tweaks. Removed 2x The Queen's Assassin and 1x Milk Of The Poppy. Added 2x Rattleshirt's Raiders and 1x The Tickler.


The Queen's Assassin never did any work in all the games played. The Tickler is more efficient. Milk Of The Poppy is also less useful as 1x (easy for the opponent to deal with) than the ability to remove attachments- mostly I would prefer to remove negative attachments from my characters than nullify their character text. The extra red icons are very useful too.

Further tweaks based on play:


+1x The First Snow Of Winter, +1x Ser Gregor Clegane, +1x Tywin Lannister, +1x Casterley Rock,


-1x Calling The Banners, -1x Brothel Madame, -1x Cersei Lannister, -1x Littlefinger,

I haven't added anything from the latest packs yet, but am looking closely at Bronn. The deck is also without a reset and so sometimes arrives at positions were there are huge numbers of characters on both sides of the table (and can't always find a way to win). More card releases are needed to resolve that issue I think.

Yup, 1x Bronn in exchange for 1x Clegane seems reasonable.

Genius name.

With the new cards, the power level of the deck has increased significantly. I only wish I could make room for Brothel Madame :)

Updated the plots to (i) reduce the vulnerability to Naval Superiority, and (ii) include two 2-claim plots to apply pressure.