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Desert Stags


I'd suggest dropping 1 x Littlefinger, 2 x Hunting Party, 3 x Royal Entourage (they aren't very good at all as they force loads of intrigue defense from you or for you to go first, otherwise they kneel), 1 x Renly and 1 x Quentyn.

I'd then put in 1 x Maester Caleotte, go to 3 x Bastard Daughter, 2 x Knights of the Sun if you have that pack (Wildling Horde or Rattleshirts Raiders if not), 2 x 1 cost Baratheon reducer character (helps setups), and 2 x Bastard in Hiding.

On locations, I'd trade a Grove for a Kingsroad.

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it!  I totally agree with royal entourage, as I've playtested with them I've sort of grown to realize they aren't that good, especially for this deck.  Dropping Renly and reducing Quentyn to 1 makes perfect sense to me too.  Getting a second Quentyn is usually a dead draw since duping him is useless.  I'll have to try out some of these cards you recommend!  Thanks again!