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Fealty to the True Queen


I don't think you need Confiscation, as you have in-house attachment control with Viserys, and Dany is less hurt by Poppy than any other 7-coster. I don't know if 2 Varys is the right call. I have had a very hard time finding enough econ to afford him, much less more than once.

should drop 1 or both Varys as they are expensive and rarely (in my experience) result in a comeback

you need at least 1 milk of the poppy preferably 2

superior claim is only really good for a surprise win from 13 and is a waste of a neutral pick

dothraki sea is inconsistent until we get more dothraki (only good target in drogo)

handmaidens are weak cards in my opinion as 2 for a 1 str bicon is bad and if you are taking for the ability you would be better off using illyrio's ability

i think rebuilding and confiscation are meh in targ as even if you put 3 dracaris! back into your deck you still need to draw them

EVERY targ deck should be running counting coppers as we have the least draw in the game at the moment

Aug 11 2015 03:03 PM

Good call on Varys/ Illyrio.  -1 Varys +1 Illyrio. Also added the Counting Coppers and dropped the Confiscation. -1 Superior Claim and +1 Poppy. I do like the rebuilding for its gold value and the recycling of dracarys. We'll see how this performs!

Rebuilding is terrible in a faction so weak in draw as the Targ atm. It's one of those plots which will keep getting better as the card pool expands and more draw tools are given to factions, but right now is meh.