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Fire and fear

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While fiddling with Targaryen/Lannister setup I found Summons to not be a great plot. With the number of power Characters like Daenerys, Tyrion, Drogo and Jaime you don't need to tutor for characters, what has been more useful every time was Counting coppers, that both can bring strong characters, but more importantly dig for ulta strong events Targaryen/Lannister can use in their decks.

I also found that Joffrey is really good in a deck that runs Dracarys!. The simple possibility of netting power will often stop your opponents from blocking/attacking when you have him on table.

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It's quite important that the Rambo hits the table soon, that's the reason why the two Summons are there. 

As I explained Dany isn't necessary to play this kind of deck; she's here to test her in combo with Syrio's training, which is useful too attached to Tyrion or Illyrio ^_^