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High Tides in NC


Congrats on the tourney. Just came back from winning one today using Greyjoy LotC.
Personally you can never go wrong with 3 copies of Asha and Theon especially since you're running 3 little birds. Why do you not have 3 Priest of the drowned god in there, they're amazing and can easily replace 2 or 3 Lordsport shipwrights. and run Drowned men instead of Black winds crew, since your deck is VERY susceptible to First Snow. Try it out you might enjoy it more that way

I run
 3 Asha
 3 Theon
 3 Euron
 3 Priests
 3 Drowned men

worked out perfect in my games 

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May 16 2016 04:54 PM

ill have to give that a shot, the main reason I ran shipwrites is for location control. I was thinking there was going to be alot of targ, martell or bara. so stopping gaston, plaza, or the keep is amazing. though it never dawned on me to try the priests out

Have you tried Lord of the crossing yet? I think Greyjoy is one of the houses that does really well with it. Your 3rd challenge can give balon 2 str for free. 

May 19 2016 02:05 AM

I have, but I usually have bad luck with it.