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Lannister Fealty 5-1 at First Snow of Winter Tournament, Finland


How did you find playing with no reset (Wildfire or Varys)?  

Did you face any swarm decks?  I'd like to drop Wildfire from my plot deck but it's nice to have when things get overwhelming.

I didn't miss Wildfire or Varys all day, there was one game which went to 7 plots which I would have lost if I was running Wildfire. Now that I look back at the games there never was a point where I would have liked to reveal Wildfire Assault, Varys would have been nice in few situations, but not sure if I really needed him.


Didn't play against a true swarm deck, but I did have two opponents that managed to flood the board. In these cases one of the games a reset would have been too slow to change the situation and the other one I had so big card advantage that it did not matter. You can lose challenges if you are getting more power than your opponent is so when you do challenge math against big boards the main focus is on forcing a power lead.

I find Wildfire pretty much indespensible in matches where I face Lannister, otherwise if their board gets off to a strong start, they can steamroll you with money.  Interesting strategy though.  Maybe I'm just not good enough to play without wildfire! :P