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Lannister Rose - unpopular alliences

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No Randyll Tarly? 

I have found to not like Tarly as part of a banner faction, yes he can potentially stand multiple times but he can also just be a 6 cost dork. The Knight of Flowers has the same icons/strength but has a different ability which in its own right is amazing and he costs one less which fits better into the curve of the deck.
Oct 22 2015 05:44 AM

Looks like a really interesting build! Do you find yourself using "the bear and the maiden fair" more on yourself or your opponent? Also, was casterly rock every included in the build? If so, why did you decide to cut it?

Up on till this point the deck is all theory crafting. In short the deck tries to flood the board with big and strong characters that all have a big impact on the game such as Cersei, Loras, Tyrion, Jaime, Tywin but on the other hand also have the tools to answer a specific board state those cards are Varys and the likes.


The Bear and the Maiden Fair can be used in a multitude of ways, if you are out to a strong start you could use it to manipulate the draw of your opponent or when you are digging for a specific card or answer use it on yourself. The card has a lot of applications which I like. A deck such as this might be less effective at purely countering the Bara deck as the normal Lannister NA version is but instead you have the ability to hit from different angles with cards such as Olenna's Informant or Loras. This deck is much more aggro than the Lannister NA build and it tries to get ahead and stay ahead.


About the Casterly Rock, I don't value the card at the moment, I think the card is not in a good place right now and I don't forsee myself playing the card at this moment. A card that I do see myself running is the Agenda that gives -1 strength to the first and +2 to the third challenge, this deck can easily put out three challenges each round giving the deck even more options.