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Lion of the Reach


This deck doesnt make any sense. You have 3 " Mare in heat " and no low str knights , who are you going to attach them to  ,  Knight of Flowers and Randyll ?  Deck without a single poppy milk when latest expansions brought characters like Nymeria , Tyene Sand , Ilyn Payne , The mountain , Mirri and others ?  Not a single " Hands Judgment " ?   This deck must be some kind of bad joke

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^Don't know why Saifur is so grumpy.


You have an awful lot of limited cards--16 I think. Most decks tend to run 8 or 9, although you could run more with the plot taxation. I'd recommend taking it down to 9 and putting in the rest of the Garden Caretakers, plus some burned men and maybe and arbor knight or two. Cheap characters are important to protect more expensive ones from military claim, and get better set ups.


Also both Widow's Wail and Heartsbane are unique, you probably only need 1 (maybe 2) of each. Some extras could go towards Milk of the Poppy.


Finally with events, I'd be tempted to get rid of The Bear and the Maiden Fair in favor of Put to the Sword

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Jun 17 2016 05:37 PM

 this was a test build of mine and i knew it was wrong but i wanted to see the comments on a high cost/ high economy deck . thankfully its not my actual build