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Lions with Stags


Thinking of changing Building Orders to Calm Over Westeros to help with a lack of Military icons. I did cut Tywin and Moneylenders to add more weanies to help recover after Varys but still think I'm missing something. Not having Taking the Black yet really hurts me as Hound would be perfect fit with his Military icon.

I think you played my deck at Stahleck then. It went 4-0 so thanks for that! :-)


I'm adding Hound and the 3-STR Bara 2-drop for this. The deck is weak against Wildfire Assault but you can't have it all. The deck should however have a strong setup with good tempo to capitalize on this. The new Maester plot is gold in this deck. I myself don't play Varys but that's a matter of playstyles. Instead I added a Tywin for kicks 'n giggles (as you can search for Cressen and it's Tyrion and Mel who will be drinking the Milk anyway).