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Lords of the Iron Fleet, or Drowning Is FUN!


My biggest concern is related to my own area. We've got a lot of intrigue players in the local meta. I feel like everyone does. I'm concerned about the lack of intrigue defense coupled with a serious lack of draw. It's easy to save a lot of characters with this, but you still have to get some of it setup. You're opening draw is so important.  If you dont get it, intrigue will blow you out keeping your hand empty. A decent rush deck will destroy this and win on like turn 2 or 3 (I.E. Tyrell Starks running Tully, Margaery, and Eddard and stacking renown on unopposed challenges.)  


Still, I think it's a fantastic base. Especially because there are apparently new Drowned God cards in the works to really boost the schtick there. I'm going to try this out for melee too. I find Greyjoy really shines in a melee setting right now.

are these 21 characters enough? i sometimes have games when i wish i had more characters because i dont draw any and i always play at least about 31...