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martell at the wall


Jan 25 2016 11:30 AM

A few notes:

I don't understand why The Red Viper is in this deck. He's expensive and you don't run Noble Cause, so there will be games where you literally couldn't play him if you tried. But he is also not going in with the theme of a Wall deck. He's a Tricon, yes, but as a defender, he is basically a blank tricon. His reaction only works as an attacker. But, as an attacker, you don't run Dawn, you don't run Doran, you don't run Doran's Game, so I can't see him getting much more than 1 power in a challenge, if any at all. I just don't get what he brings to the table.


Arianne is another one that I don't fully understand. Is she only in the deck because of the small chance of pulling off an Areo ambush to save an unopposed challenge? Because there are only 3 characters in the deck that cost 5 gold, Benjen, Arianne and Areo on ambush. Yes, subbing in Benjen on a military defense and killing him to gain an unexpected 2 power is a very nice combo and would be funny if you won because of it, but it seems like a niche purpose. Also, she's a lady but you aren't running Noble Cause, so she's not going to be all that easy to get into play.


I'm also a little surprised you aren't running the Bastard daughters, considering they are one of the scariest 2 gold characters in the game. Card advantage = win in this game and having them discard a card when one of them dies is incredible.


Finally, I think Martell decks should always run Tears of Lys because they are the only faction right now that can remove icons and being able to remove Tywin's or Tyrion's intrigue icon with Maester Cal or , in Tyrion's case, Confinement (or Nymeria when she comes out) and then killing them is one of the more incredible things that Martell can do.


Other than those notes, I really like the deck. I'm going to like it even more once the new chapter pack comes out. But for these last 3 days, your deck looks pretty good :).