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Martell Lion: Glasgow Regionals (4th Place Overall & 4th in Swiss)



How did the Viper do for you?
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Aug 04 2016 03:43 PM
Thanks! It was intense, especially the Lanni-Kraken and Bara Fealty matches.

TRV was there in a supporting role, to help push through a Tears, PttS, Doran's Game, or Tyene's ability. I didn't see him all day, actually, but wouldn't have been sad if he had shown up. He's not the star player by any means, just another pressure piece if he's in my hand and the board state warrants playing him. In testing the deck's economy did allow for some scary Jaime-Gregor-Viper line-ups.

7-costers do have a place in Martell-Lion - if it wasn't for Ser Gregor Swiss round three would have been a different story.