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Martell/Tyrell v2

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My only criticism is x2 Heartsbane. As it can only go on Tyrell characters I believe the deck can live without it. As the main targets would be KoF who shines with Mare in Heat and Ser Hobber who can be powered up with Arbor Knight.


I'm curious as to why you don't have Ser Horas Redwyne who could power up Margaery again for the triple duty! Effectively giving you Heartsbane for the whole phase.


Other than that, I'd love to see this deck in action. Nice one!

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Thanks for the advice! I took out Heartsbane and threw in the Ser Horas Redwyne's (I bought No Middle Ground the other day so I actually have him now!) along with an extra Mare in Heat. Added the economy characters too since I hit an economy wall in the last game I played.

Just some things from my perspective, obviously feel free to keep what you find interesting and ignore the rest :)

I always run full economy.


I think you definitely need 3x Ghaston Grey and 3x Viper's eyes.


I find that confinement is suboptimal - you would be better off running the icon removal attachments.


I find Heartsbane way better than Dawn.


3x Arianne and 2x the twins and littlefinger I think are too many - on the other hand I think you're missing Randyll and obviously Nymeria!


Why would you play rebuilding in a non-dracarys deck? :P


Some food for thought ;)

I will argue that Dawn is better than Heartsbane in this build as it can be played on any character.  This appears to be a slow build to the win, not a fast one.  The one I question is Doran.  He only adds to Arianne and The Viper the way this is built, along with himself.  That's a very limited impact for a 6 cost character.  I would favor Randyll Tarly over Doran in this build for the 6 cost, or put in Quentin since he is a knight as well as adding the potential of stealth and the ability to kill opponents when he dies.  I would honestly look at 1x Quentin (since he's good when he dies I usually don't look to dupe him) and fill with 2x Tyene if you own that set by now. Targeted kill and board control.  Enough said. Also, find a way to get at least 2x Nymeria into the deck.  She doesn't fit the "Theme" but she's hands down the best Martell card for controlling the board.  Think about it, try it out, and I'm pretty sure you'll never regret any time you are able to get her out.