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New deck: The Night's Watch Banner of the Sun


The Haunted Forest and Craven


are absolute top tier for defending your wall(for example vs Balon Greyjoy with stealth/longship/str buff your lineup wont have an answer most of the time), i would strongly recommend putting those. 


Edit: Yeeeaaa.... well get 1x Yoren at least, and old Bear is quite weak, you dont need him 2x i think, also dont get 2x Littlefinger, Martell armies with renown after 3 plots are quite strong actually with you tending to play slow game. Unsworn apprentice is quite high tier, Syrio Forel is good to give you stealth when u have only two Benjen, these are better options than second copies of Old Bear, Littlefinger, Alister Thorne, Obara Sand imo.

"I only own 2 core sets and the first 4 packs of the first circle"