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Night Gathers


Sorry but go back and add some Roseroads as soon as possible, Fealty and Meager contributions is not going to cut it, you're already at an economy disadvantage to other factions don't hinder yourself further!


I personally would recommend dropping a little bird, it only works on Benjen and Mormont, so bring Benjen up to 3 - he is great,  Drop Jon snow if you want to protect the wall, to at least 1 times if not altogether. If you are keeping Jon Snow  I would change PTTS for Tears of Lys, it's easier to trigger when playing defensive and costs less gold. I'm not sure if you have the Taking the Black chapter pack, but it adds another loyal character Will, who is also great at getting Tears off.


Longclaw is a good card to include, but 3x is probably too many, it is unique so you can't put it on multiple characters at once


Milk of the Poppy is always worth considering in NW, Ghost again, I love the card but 3x is too many in a defensive deck


The Sword in the Darkness is never worth it, I mean I'm happy for you to try it out as I have many times, but in the end you will completely cut it I believe,   a good option instead if The Hand's Judgement.


Take the Black  -  Too expensive and not enough targets, since it's loyal it is better in Fealty but running 3 copies of it is taking up a lot of space when you might never get to use it, drop to 2x or 1x in my opinion.


I'd like to hear how Varys goes for you

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This looks like you are trying to go on Offense with the deck but I'm not sure NW works that way at this point.

Also if you want to defend your Wall, your plot line needs to be more controlling than offensive (as your is currently).


There are few other builds where you can have a look.

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Thank you for the exellent feedback! I have updated the deck, and will take it for a spin soon :-)


Any comments are welcome!

Night's watch is the very last faction you want to play No-Agenda over Fealty. Ravens lose a lot of their effectiveness when played as No agenda. I'd definitely lose 4 neutral cards to get to Fealty. Personally I don't like 3x Milk and 3x PttS, that to me suggests a deck that doesn't know it's main focus, so i'd make cuts there to start with.

Also I think your dicing with death with your cheap set-up characters, if you miss Ravens and your Stewards you could be looking at a very bad set up. As a minimum IMO you need 3 of Samwell/Forest Rangers. Don't worry about having a high character count, I find that only Lannister Ambush decks tend to run as many characters as Night's Watch. ,