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Night's Watch Fealty

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It is hard to decipher what do you aim with this deck : defence or offence.

Fealty is <=15, you have 12.

What I suggest:

a) Littlefinger -1, Iron Throne +2. Whith the serious draw you have there, thrones domonancw boost is not the only thing you aim there.

B) NW is poor in INT. If you want Samewall to use Insight have one Littebird.

c) Rattleshirt's Raiders - are good and cheap way to change game momentum in your favor.

d) Tears of Lys might help.


One additional comment,,valid only if you want to defend with this deck - March to the Wall is not good for that purpose. You never want to loose one of your characters. In fact it cant hurt you more than help.

For instance:

You used MttW, opponent used Wildfire Assault nut posses Kingsroad. He choses Wildfire over March. You loose all characters except 2. You might have been in controll but are not anymore. Sounds too unbelivable? I had this twice both in my favor, while really being hit by the March only once.

I think it is pretty clearly a defense deck. That being said, you're probably right on the Littlebird and Iron Throne.


Raiders are a maybe. 


Tears of Lys is too much of a gamble imo. Even with the Littlebirds, I can't guarantee I will win Intrigue against some houses. It would just be a dead card.


Marched to the Wall is fine. I'd like to imagine that I'm good enough to read the board and know when they are going to play Wildfire. Even still, if it does happen, my two characters should be stronger than theirs. Plus, it's pretty good way to guarantee a Yoren target.

Aug 09 2015 05:41 PM

The Iron Throne does a lot of work in a deck like this. I would say 1x at least would do quite a bit.

Two plots that I have personally enjoyed when playing NW is Building Season and A Feast For Crows. Building Season can help you fetch The Wall if you didn't find it, which I would argue is the most important component in the deck. Even just grabbing Castle Black, Iron Throne, or economy locations is never a bad thing. A Feast For Crows seems to be less popular, but in a deck where you don't really win challenges to get power it can help to accelerate your power total while you're ahead. And 6 gold generally feels pretty nice(although with two Calling the Banners I'm sure you're rarely short on gold). Plot choices are personal preference, so I won't say there's a definite right or wrong answer there. Well, until For The Watch! comes out in the first pack anyway. Haha.

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