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Nights Watch Wolf Pack


Let me know how it goes.


I personally wouldn't play Mormont in this deck and Sword in the Darkness should definitely go,  and if you really want to make a dire wolf deck you probably should have stark as main faction, ghost is not loyal and you pretty much only getting Messenger ravens (and I guess Mormont but he can go) from NW-Loyal.

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I agree with drakk, if you want to go all in on Direwolves you should play stark. Sword in the Darkness isn't what you want for this deck (or any deck for that matter in my opinion). Also I think you want less Yoren and more Veteran Builders - builder gives you 4 power for 3 gold and a good ability in conjunction with Castle Black, while Yoren is only 2 power for the same cost and will usually only give you a chud, if anything with his ability. Plus, he's unique. On top of that, if you're not running Messenger Raven there isn't a whole lot of reason to go main faction Watch in my opinion.

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I played it at a local league the other night. While it was a fun deck to play I lost every game except for a bye. =P Yoren is definitely going since he was mostly dead in my hand because of nothing to target with his ability.

Jan 04 2016 02:59 PM

You get 2 more direwolf characters if you switch to Stark house with NW banner. Additionally, you will get Winter is coming, which is important in a deck that is focused around military monocons.


I'd also suggest running a few Lady attachments. She is another direwolf card to power up the direwolf pups (granted, you can't use her for Like Warm Rain).


This seems like a purely for fun deck as I can't imagine it wins many games. I hope direwolves are further fleshed out so that they may be a viable sub theme in the future. But making every single one of them a military monocon is not going to help with that.

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