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Here is the tournament report:



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Congrats on the win. Great writeup and interesting deck.Will definitely give it a try.

did you notice the lots of useless cards? fishmonger and sea tower don't work in this deck.

Hey aellon speaking for my friend Jeremy here who won with this deck. Your observations of cards that don't work are actually not the case at all. He can routinely bring out 3 cards at minimum a turn while the opponent is shoehorned and unable to bring guys out. In the tournament report you can observe the fact that with yoren out stealing characters left and right, there have been games where he has more of your characters than you do. So though it may appear to not make sense to have reducers for your non main faction it is actually that much more embarrassing when he wins unopposed challenges with a one strength monocon fishmonger because you don't have anyone to defend. Keep building and keep playing. Thanks for your time.

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Congratulations on your victory, and thanks for the insightful report. I love how you use Varys/Marched & Yoren, and cards that I seem to have overlooked so far, like Ghost. Way to go!

Mar 02 2016 04:33 PM

Love this deck, thanks!

Great deck and very interesting play style. Well done!

I'm looking forward to giving this deck a go. I've attempted to recreate your idea using Tyrell...I find GJ slightly offensive :) I know I'm losing the benefit of GJ locations and stealth, but I'm testing it, so who knows. If all else fails I guess I'll banner GJ...lol at least it's not Lannister.

Great deck, tried something similar with Lannister instead of Greyjoy, as our local meta is pretty Greyjoy-heavy and I grew tired of it. I went 3-1 with it and missed the cut by one place. My only loss of the day was very unlucky as I started with a 2 card setup after mulligan (2 characters) and had to Varrys away my own Mountain. Still I had at the end a sick board domination like 10 to 3 characters. Unfortunately my deck is rather weak in Power and I really had a total drought in that regard so he still could do a lot of unopposed power challenges, and I just couldn't grind him out quick enough. Would the power limit have been 20, I would have won it. But yeah, bad setups are part of the game. In all other 3 matches it worked like a charm. Maybe Greyjoy is the best fit for this playstyle, but Lannister is definitely a good alternative. I will give my deck a few more tries, as it's really a lot of fun to play with.



I'd like to ask some questions about the deck, and I think the first one is quite obvious; given your experience with it, what are your thoughts on the impact of First Snow played against it? Is there a chance to recover?


Also: I have a similar plot base, but only in intent. In my mini-meta, calm over westeros is heavily played, so naval isn't so efficient as I would consider. What do you think subbing some plots with my current line-up: wraiths in their midst + 2x heads on spikes?

Thanks for the insight!

Hello, this deck is amazing and I'm wondering how chapters after "The Road to Winterfell" would change something.

Can you tell us please?