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After a lot of games in this setup I can state that 3x Littlebird is simply one too many.


One thing is wondering thoigh - why no cancel? No Bran?

And what do you need 3xWinterfell Stewart? Do you want to flood the board in defence from stealth?

Actually I had Bran in, so don't know why i took him out actually, good point. And 3x Steward to help get Ed in and 9 1 cost charcters for setups. Only reason I run 3x Bird is to try to get it without Building, as Ed, Benjen, and Bear can all take it, and its key as there aren't many INT icons to get Wall powered up, lol.


Thanks for feed back and anymore is welcome


I updated it and did "update existing deck" but it doesn't seem to show here, at least not yet

figured it out

I would appreciate some feedback after couple dozens of games. What is working what is not.


My games are just too random. It is either no gold locations, or no draw engine cards. I do not want to gold-choke opponent (it is too drastic, I do not want to disrespect opponent like that), nor I want to waste slot for Counting Coopers.


But when both draw and gold are working I divide and conquer.

Why not use Jon Snow?

Is this a defensive oriented deck mainly? In that case you might want to consider having more high initiative plots in order to make sure you can go second. With the initiative you have you will be forced to go first a lot of the time which severely limits you chance to counterattack.

Jon is mainly used for offense and littlefinger provides more with same str. I'm not too worried about initiative, I feel with the Wall I just need to leave enough people back to block and if Bear is around with a little bird then he's all I need, but it will depend on what i'm going up against.


good feedback 


and i might drop "feast" for another calling the banners

Nice deck man!


I'm just wondering about, why do you use Superior Claim instead of Take the Black?


Take the Black looks like a game-changing card.

Oct 12 2015 06:25 PM

I just used this deck and Take the Black is definitely a great card to add to this deck. I loved this card.