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Our Blood is Fire


Who are you gonna attach Heartsbane to? Just for Informant and Courtesan? Why not Dawn instead?

Who are you gonna attach Heartsbane to? Just for Informant and Courtesan? Why not Dawn instead?

you're right, besides that what do you think of the deck?

Oct 31 2015 07:33 PM

I don't really know what the win condition is with this deck. Just Doran's Game? Is that it?


You don't have Dawn. You don't have Doran Martell. So you aren't going to be stacking much power on the Red Viper.


Maybe you are just trying to overpower your opponent in challenges, but I don't think that's going to work all that well, especially since you've completely cut out the Martell strength pumps I mentioned above.


I played Martell for a few weeks when the game first came out in Gencon, and Doran's Game just doesn't feel like a viable strategy to win. So many times, I'd draw it on turn 2 or 3 and it would completely useless for a solid 2 or 3 turns. It's a good compliment, if you don't mind dumping it on a turn 3 win for 2 power, but until Martell has an actual reliable win condition, whether that be a location that gives power, such as the Great Kraken or the Wall, more renown or characters that can claim power, such as the Lannisters' Jaime, Joffrey and Tywin, or some sort of condition that gives them additional power, such as The Rise of the Kraken for Greyjoy, I don't see how the can reliably win the majority of their games.


The one relatively reliable (I say relatively, because even this win condition is still pretty bad this early in the game) is a Doran/Viper/Dawn combo for big renown on Viper and then cherry on top of Doran's game.

I replaced Heartsbane with Dawn that's a no brainier thanks for the suggestion.


And i completely agree, Martel needs better win conditions.  I just wanted to try my hand at making a passable deck with them.  The strat for this deck is try and deny your opponent a hand by procing sunpear and using the informant while hoping you can deal with whatever he plays.  I was thinking of working Superior claim in but I wasn't sure.

I think Martel is really short of a few key cards to give it a clear plan because right now it can't do much besides annoy the opponent. 

I agree that we need more good cards for Martell, but banner of the Rose could play the stall game. Defend for couple of turns, get a few pow tokens on Loras and Randyll if possible(those two are my suggestions), then, when you get the economy to play Viper, go for the win on 7 or 8 power. 

I'd put 2x Loras and 2xRandyll, both Martell and Tyrell reducer chars to 2x (to improve gold curve), unique chars down to 2x (maybe Arianne should be 3x, she is good).

Now, since you have Building orders, you can go 1x Heartsbane and 1xDawn, and try to put Milk if you find room.

Doran's Game, I think, should be 2x if not playing Fealty. Instead of 3x "Bear", I'd put maybe 1x, and 2x Hand's Judgement. If possible, 1 or 2x Put to the torch for those bloody Baratheons and Greyjoys.

Locations are good, but if you have 3 Cores, go with 3xGhastons, I know I would if I had 3. :)

Good luck!