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Rose and Lion


If you are going flat out for super Randyll, i'd find room for a Summons, a widows wail, a 3rd Margaery maybe even a little bird.

3 Seals seems like 1 too many for me as does 3 Growing Strongs.

You only have 3 military icons under 4 cost (Burned men) There are mixed opinions on Left and Right, but i'd find room for 1 of each.

Game of Thrones should be an auto include for Lanni Rose or Tyrell Lion.  

Thanks for the advice! I'll find room for A Game of Thrones and Summons. Left and Right were in the deck but I kept finding they never fired for me. I'll give them another go as you suggest. So far I haven't struggled to get Margarey out but I'll keep an eye on that and maybe add a third. Any tips from anyone for more card draw other than dropping a jousting contest for a second counting coppers? Once taking the black hits shops I will probably find room for a pleasure barge or two.

Unfortunately the best card draw is Lannister Loyal. Littlefinger would help, and at least summons is 1 extra card. Other than that you can "bear" yourself to at least filter your cards better.

Highgarden/Mander combo is Tyrells best draw, but that means committing more space in your deck and probably Building Orders - very useful when looking for the 2nd half of a 2-Location combo.  

If you are finding your hand full of heavy characters i'd suggest cutting either 2 Jamies or 2 Flowers or 1 of each. Wherever possible i prefer to run the heavy hitters as either 1of or 3of, but that's a personal choice.   

L&R aren't there for the interaction, just cheap mil chud, the 1time in 80 you get them both in set-up is just a super bonus.