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Roses and Dragons

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Oct 09 2015 10:31 AM

You have a total of 4 Ladies and 3 Handmaidens. Not a great ratio when Handmaiden is one of the three main reasons to play Targ banner.


You only have 1 Randyll and 1 KoF, making Queen of Thorns relatively low impact, since she has very little chance of bringing anyone out worth her upfront cost. This further weakens the Handmaidens, because half of their targets (Queen of Thorns) are really weak due to this constraint of impact Tyrell characters to bring out.


You only brought 2 of Jorah and 2 of Illyrio, despite them being the main reason to banner Targ right now, especially since the 2 characters you would typically be standing with Illyrio, KoF and Randyll, are only 1x.


Finally, you bring 3 Targaryen loyalists, even though 7 of the 9  remaining Targ cards you brought in cost 2 gold, making the targ loyalists basically only matter when bringing in Illyrio.


I have a hard time believing this deck would be able to accomplish much with the lack of focus it has. Low cost curve is always nice, but this deck seems to take it overboard. You need some game winners in this deck. And reducing KoF and Randyll to 1x and Margaery to 2x really limits your tier 1 character pool. If this is built to be a swarm deck, I don't think Targ is the right faction to banner out, as they bring in the Handmaidens and Illyrio to stand all your best characters to do double attacks.

Thanks for to feedback. I still haven't played a single game and I'm not completely familiar with how much protection and kill potential is there. I don't think Bombs stay that much on the board and this is why I went with agro approach. I agree there is still a lot to learn about the difference with 1.0 considering Money curve.