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[ST] Core + Wolves


See if you are running 3x needle and "sacrifice Caitlyn" but can only sacrifice Jory and Rickon... if their sacrifice can be triggered... then why not run John Snow to always get "sacrifice" procs, and Robb Stark to then stand everyone for that matter? You are playing As Hard as Winter but the only Winter plot you have is "A time for Wolves" which isn't exactly "opening plot" material since you cant reliably put a high cost character with 3 gold plot, and you are also running only 2xShaggydog so if you setup/draw one that plot is pretty useless(so get i.e. one Grey Wind he is great with Robb).... Generally speaking new Eddard and Blackfish are rly good, there is no need for 3xLittlefinger etc. etc. check out some other Stark decks to see where you can improve your synergies. 


Thank you for your answer it will help me 'cause i'm a beginner.

You're right about the sacrifice combo, I've just added Jon and Robb to the deck.


For the plot "A time for Wolves", if i play it as opening plot, i can put ShaggyDog in play and try to get Rickon in hand at start. It could be a pretty good combo instead of Grey Wind who can't be put into play.


Anyway, I've added new Eddard and Blackfish, just 2xLittleFinger.