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Stark sacrifice 3


Hi Sylvestre! Would you consider change Confiscation for Wildfire assault? You could add another copy of Arya's Gift.
I realize that you would like to transfer Milk to Sansa, but maybe having two copies of Sansa would only slow your game. I believe Jon and Jory are better choices :) and Wildfire could make you win at the plot phase.
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Hi Ahdora! Thanks for your comment :)

I indeed thought about Wildfire instead of Confiscation, you are surely right and I'll make space for a third Arya's Gift.
About Sansa, the thing is without her, Septa Mordane is going to be pretty useless :/ and Septa can be reduced by the Septon ('cause she is a "The Seven") so I felt like it was a good addition! ^^

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Honestly I would not change a thing. I ran your deck in a melee tournament and won it. Other folks played plenty of wild fires so I was getting plenty of power without my own. You just don't need it. Let them do the work for you.

Arya's gift was great and I think confiscation was good since you cannot plan to have gifts handy. And if you do have a gift confiscation has other uses... I used it twice to remove Ward and get Arya back.

It was an easy deck to pilot and you can really fly under the radar since most of your power is on characters. I had one power on my house at the end of the final match.

I did add one Winterfell even though you could not grab it with support of the people. I did play it twice.

Hi Woody! Thanks for the feedback, that's really nice that you won with this deck! :)


Winterfell is indeed so strong that adding one would never harm I suppose :D