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Stealthy Stags

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Jul 01 2016 05:13 PM

There are a couple of tweaks I'd make...but who am I?


-1 Aeron Damphair

+1 Syrio Forel

Aeron is here to bring back Asha and Theon. Running 3x of each should give you spare duplicates. More Stealth is good.


-3 Milk of the Poppy

+2 Fishing Net

+1 Shireen Baratheon

This was more to hone in on your two focus points, kneel and unopposed. However, Milk has never been a bad card.


-1 Consolidation of Power

-1 Iron Throne

+2 Nightmares

Iron Throne looks like a safety card for this deck. You're already reasonably strong on Dominance, so 1x should be enough. 3x Consolidations feel more at home in a Bara Fealty deck. Nightmares is.. Nightmares.


-1 Iron Mines

+1 Ser Barristan Selmy

Yeah, Barry costs more, but he's got renown, saves key characters, stands..etc and he goes well with the other tweaks I suggested.

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After playing the deck more, I would be inclined to agree with you.


As for your point on Aeron Damphair.

I totally agree with dropping 1 of him, he has only ever done his job once. As you mentioned, to bring back Asha and Theon.


Milk of the poppy, I'd be upset to drop this card as my local meta includes Martell frenzy. However I do tend to nip to the 62 card mark for a Shireen when I'm feeling adventurous.

The fishing nets are a great addition to achieve the fast win I was intending, once the board fills up it's harder to get the unopposed.


The Iron Throne is definitely the safety net and so far as you mentioned I haven't had much trouble with dominance. So will adjust the deck accordingly.


Point made on the Barry. he's hard to ignore and as you pointed out renown and standing is amazing.


Really appreciate the feedback!