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Sunrise At The Wall (NW/Martell)


I really like the Dornisch touch. It makes defence so much fun.


You will not activate Mormont's ability but Wall should be standing tall and strong. I would like to hear your review of this deck after couple of first games.


Some ideas:

-With such INT boost Teart of Lys might be a good idea.

-I think there is much potential in Dornish paramour. If you had Syrio's Training or Noble lineage she would be a killer each time you would be first player. On the other hand what would be the odds of having her and attachment. That would waste a lot of slots in deck.

Thanks for the ideas! I actually read this comment today before I did a few rounds of play testing. I did try Tears of Lys and it helped out alot. I made a few changes to a the deck so I'll update it soon with the change log in the description. Below is a few key things about this deck.


- By far my favorite combo in this deck Dawn on Snow in a long game. You are literally winning most attacks, if not all, you attacks in this situation. Example: Turn 5 - I was able to initiate a 12 Stength Military Challenge with just a House Dayne Knight and an Old Forest Hunter...

- At the same time while Dawn can get a little crazy the longer a game last I don't feel like it's worth 2 slots as drawing the second copy results in a dead draw.

- Arianne + Benjen/Spearmen is a match made in heaven.

- UUU (Unbowed, Unbent Unbroken) is a very handy card and helps to slow down the opponent.

- I generally play Head on Spikes if I have a strong setup or Building Orders if I have a weak one.

- I think Yoren is slightly overrated in the core only environment.

- Added in Waymor Royce to help out in Power and Military challenges.

- While I don't like going over the deck minimum it really is hard for me to consider cutting down to sixty as I like every card in my deck currently.

- May consider adding Counting Coppers if deck starts feeling a bit slow.