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Targaryen Summer, winner of Dutch Nationals 2016

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Great write up. I especially liked plots' role description.

Burn is always good.

Why theres no Rakharo? Just askin.. :)

Rakharo would inflate the cost curve of the deck and add nothing to the strategy I employed, in which military challenges had the lowest priority and Mirri was absent. So for me it was a choice between him and Drogo, with Drogo being the far better option: He’s +1 str, can gain power through power challenges (renown) as opposed to only during military challenges, and his ability is much more threatening to your opponent’s board state and challenge math, even if it’s rarely used (it’s useful even when not used directly). In fact, I used Drogo’s ability only sporadically, but such a non-aggressive approach renders Rakharo’s ability even less worthwhile than Drogo’s. I suppose Rakharo could work in the deck, but only if an aggressive military strategy would be adopted, and Dany replaced by Mirri (and Varys's Riddle by Marched to the Wall).

thats what i thought. cost curve.

Would you make any updates to this deck with the current card pool? Played it tonight for the first time and it worked well - was just curious what updates might be worthwhile!