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Top 8 and top targ from Toulouse regional

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I played this deck Yesterday night against a Lannister LotC and a Stark fealty and it works pretty well but I think it might need a reset like Wildfire to manage quick pop-up of peeps to avoid being overunned.

What's your feed-back on that?

Thank for your insight and congrats for your performance! :)

Wildfire or 1st snow were in the first version of the deck just after Paris TM. This was efficient but not that much. Long winter was better for example creating a powerful pressure on a given turn (opponents in general don't defend in the three challenges so this make them doubt or punish them heaily for doing that) and being a far better finisher for a deck that wish to make and win at least 3 challenges by turn.


This is true nevertheless that a reset might be welcomed to manage some hard tables or boost the aggro part.


Yet most of the times, when he was in the deck, wildfire was not played and not necessary. Worse, it hit far more my table than opponent's without cards like BG for example.


As I decided to not go heavy on the aggro part of the deck (as most of the times it didn't manage to eat opponnent tables too much), this was the time i chosed to go for 1 plaza, no long winter or wildfire but try to boost miri tech. This is when scouts and syrio were confirmed in the deck.


This is an option and wildfire is played in most targaryen decks for a reason. Yet targaryen plotlines need heavy choices ! After all, counting is not even in my deck nor building !

One more thing, what about 3 Syrio in place of one + 2 Wildling Scout? Obviously this provides two intrigue peeps for LotC but 3 Syrio pops faster neh?