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Two and a Half Men

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Props on the title, I'm not sure about Drogo's Arakh or having 3x Little bird. I get beefing up Khal but what if you don't draw him? Summons might let you get 1 guy you want but its only the top 10 so Drogo might not be there. I guess you'll find out soon if it works out or not :D

Drogo's Arakh wins games when Drogo is out, so I want to have it when I need it.

I went up to 3 Little Bird because Tears of Lys. Is. Everywhere. As in seriously, if you can't dupe or Little Bird Drogo, just don't play him. 3x Bodyguard could probably take its place, or 3x The Hand's Judgment because having Dracarys cancelled is also sad.

Sep 03 2015 06:39 PM
Where's Dany?

Dany who?


Actually, playing a deck without Dany to see what happens was kind of the impetus in building this. I may eventually include 1 or 2 in future iterations, but she'll never be the main focus of what this particular build is trying to do.

How do you get to use dracarys with only the support of six dragons? I was thinking of a list very similar to yours where I excluded the dragons , but since I play Daenerys also think it might be a good plan B with dragons and dany...

I guess this is a joust deck : how would you change if you were to play in the melee format ?

If I have Dracarys but no Dragons: Summons. I've never had a problem with it so far, since there are twice as many dragons as there are cards dependent on the dragons. It's statistically unlikely that I'd have the event without a dragon to play it.

And yes, this is definitely a Joust deck. If I were to change it up for melee, I'd probably have to see about freeing up room for probably 2 Daenerys and more high Initiative plots.