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Tyrell Fealty


1. Is your strategy developed around getting Highgarden with Olenna's Cunning?


2. x3 of Lommys? Mono-con with an ability only triggered on the defence, he is good but idk. I guess he makes a nice addition for D with Left and Right out on the field too.


3. Let us know how it plays!



1. That is certainly a pretty good target for Olenna's Cunning, but not always what I'm going for. The strategy is really to pick a challenge (usually the one that the other deck is weakest against) and just dominate it. I use everything else to mitigate as much of the other two challenges as possible.


2. You're probably right. I have been going a bit too overboard on the duplicates. I should probably take him down by 1 and replace with a Highgarden.


3. So far I've been able to get The Queen of Thorns out and just start flooding the board. She seems really crazy.

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