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I really like the setup, I have been trying to find a good way to update my Tyrell deck. I have had a lot of iterations. It started as a Fealty deck, then tried out several banners (Lannister, Martell and now Greyjoy) all of which worked but this aggressive build seem interesting. I will give it a try! 


What is the reason for not running Olenna's informant? Too expensive?

It seems a very solid deck.

I've been checking the deck section for a while looking for some ideas to my Stark deck but i'm still confused about what type of line i will follow, the sinergy you have on this deck looks really solid.

Olenna's Informant is a bit expensive, in my oppinion it's only good for the ambush reaction ability and a 4 gold char with 2str, it can win challenges but ....

I really just couldn't find room for it. It was in the last couple of cards that I cut. She might make her way back into the deck as I make changes.

Do you need The Iron Throne? That's a card I almost always cut unless I have some knock-on effect to winning Dom, usually out of Bara or Greyjoy. (People ragequit when Aeron is popping Ironborn back into play every. single. turn.)

Also Heartsbane is amazing with Randyll Tarly, 2x is ideal.

I also dislike the throne, I think I probably wouldnt play Olenna's informant. She has been meager at best for me, only when playing a Lanni banner or playing a Tyrell banner in a Lannister deck is where she finds her place to shine. All of my wins have been on the back of big hitters and stealth characters (stark or greyjoy banners) and double claim plots have been absolute animals for me. When you can setup a good turn to do double claiming with knight of flowers and Tarly or something of the sort, you can really do damage.

I think that pure Tyrell decks lack the versitility of some banner decks and the raw power of others. Stark and Grey Joy give you more aggro, Lannister and Martell provide more toolbox options. Barathion and Targaerion I haven't tested yet.

I agree, I don't think pure Tyrell offers quite enough. Hence why I went with so many neutral cards. I was toying with the idea of trying to fit in Tears of Lys as well, but couldn't justify it over Put to the Torch since I didn't have as many heavy hitting intrigue icons as I'd like.


I like the Iron Throne, just because it's a free power most turns, and I can get away with not dropping as many cards on my low reserve plots.


I may end up dropping in another Heartsbane if need be.

You don't have any low reserve plots ;-)

When deck slots are tight, I look to the degree to which cards actually affect the board state, and on its own, the throne just really doesn't. It's going to be worth maybe 3-4 power most games and even 2 gold is a tempo step I don't like to miss. That's a Put To The Sword, or money I can use on Highgarden. (Oh, also, Highgarden was an MVP for me at Kingslayer, it's an "I Win" button on defense.)

Yeah, I might need to increase Highgarden to 2. It is a pretty strong card. I think dominance is actually a bit more important than people think. Not only is it giving yourself a power, you are denying your opponent power. Plus, Dominance is one of the few avenues to getting power these days. There just aren't that many ways to get power.