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Westeros Intelegence Agency.

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Oct 04 2015 06:00 PM

Now here's the question. This deck is one based off a 3 core environment and running a deck that wants to win off doran's game. Which is a better way to run it banner of the lion or banner of the rose? "Sorry for not figuring out that I can changing this before hand. Finally got around to ordering my 3d core"

Only 2 copies of Ghaston Grey and Doran's game?

Only 2 copies of Ghaston Grey and Doran's game?

This deck is one based off a 2 core environment

Oct 13 2015 11:56 PM

I think Tyrell is definitely the way to go, those strength pumps are pretty sweet when trying to get off dorans game or the Red Viper. If you have access to a third core three ghaston is pretty sweet, ditto with Doran's game although two will probably be fine.

Oct 14 2015 12:42 AM

Yea, I do agree. Taking another look, I edited it for 3 of gaston and dorans game.

Would you mind telling us more about your choice of plot cards (why those, what else was on the possible list)? I would also like to know, how do you try to play this deck.

Oct 16 2015 03:53 PM

Well, the main idea I had was make a deck based offa Doran's game. So my thinking was It requires a intrigue win of 5+str to activate. So why not pair martell with a intrigue faction, and as a added bonus tyrell can bump strength making it easier to get to the five str. needed for doran's game. Combine that with making the game go to turn 5-6-7 to get the best effect out of doran and dawn. You can gain 10+ power in a turn. "rather insane stuff isn't it"


As for the plots, the only one I don't have a really good explanation for is winds of winter. Going to test it out today when I get the rest of my cores. You could swap it out with jousting contest, wildfire, or marched to the wall. I would say any of them would be good.


Starting from the top; a game of thrones is suppose to control the flow of challenges. Best case he has no intrigue or only one and you have dornish paramour out to force the one intrigue guy to block.


A noble cause is a cost reducer, for the viper, doran, edric, ari, Margery, littlefinger, and the knight of flowers. All good cards for cheaper. its a win win.


Calling the banners is a interesting plot. I put it in the same boat as noble cause though instead of a cost reducer you get more money. Even if the other guy wildfires, your still getting +3 gold which is a nice little chunk of change.


Calm over westros is in there for when you are not drawing icons that the other guy has lot of. You play this one and unless he plays a 2 claim plot you make the challenge of your choice worthless for this turn. Making the game go even longer, which is good for martell.


Confiscation is for stuff like milk's or other extremely problematic attachments. "though to be fair its more then likely going to be milks. A milk on doran or the viper isn't good"


counting coppers is in here to "hopefully" make up for the lack of a good draw engine in Martell.


As for how I play the deck. I just try and hang back for as long as possible setting up for the coupe de grace on like turn 5-6 with dorans game and some big intrigue hitters. I hope I was able to help "feel free to ask any more questions ill get to them asap :) "

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I'd say Sneak Attack beats Winds of Winter. You are looking to get 1 killer intrigue challenge in for Doran's Game, might as well make sure you are going first to do it.

The other option is A Clash of Kings, which sort of gives you 2 claim for power, but more importantly also has high initiative allowing you to play it on a turn where you want to end the game.

I've played three games with this deck now, I've kept the general build but made some changes due to personal taste.


StarK/Nights Watch - Dawn; Red Viper; Doran and then Doran's Game for a massive power grab for a late game win.

Bartheon/Grey Joy - Lost due to my own stupidity from the previous turn, whoever went first that turn would have won. Very close.

Tyrell/Grey Joy - Not to sure what he was trying to do all game; whatever it was it didn't work.

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Oct 19 2015 07:13 AM

After some testing, I desided to edit this with my new build "also noticing I didn't put in the viper........sometimes I wonder if I even have a brain; but that is besides the point"

I'm also experimenting with Tears of Lys and Randyll Tarly.


I find in a game the deck to be moderately paced, you don't come out swinging on the first turn. Depending on the initial set-up I'll usually flip A Noble Cause and Counting Coopers within the first two turns. I think it's important for a control type deck to build a bigger hand as quickly as possible. After that the first two turns I tend to pick plots depending on what I see on the field from my opponent and what I also have in my hand.


After that, just play to taste. I opt for the slow and steady approach in a game, it's worked so far for me :) 

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