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Sep 28 2016 06:39 PM
Just a few suggestions, I would add the 3rd Adonis, you'll have a hard time affording the Heimdall's and Wall of Thorns. Drop Zaibatsu Loyalty, Aggressive Negotiation and Shipment from Mirror-Morph and add the 3rd Hedge Fund, an extra Archived Memories or 2(to recur your money/operations) and maybe drop Experiential Data to make room for an Ash239Zxby instead.
I would also drop one each of Heimdall and Wall of Thorns and replace them with Wall of Static and the 3rd Rototurret. You'll need cheap early Ice that can cause the runner some pain and slow them down. I know you have 3 Priority Recs, hoping to use one or two of them to rez the expensive Ice. 5/3 agendas aren't the easiest to score however.
To sum up,
-1x Mirror-Morph
-1x Zaibatsu Loyalty
-1x Experiential Data
-1x Aggressive Negotiation
-1x Wall of Thorns
-1x Heimdall 1.0

+1x Adonis Campaign
+1x Hedge Fund
+1 or 2x Archived Memories
+1 or 2x Ash 239ZXBY
+1x Wall of Static
+1x Rototurret
Anyhoo, my two cents.