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Blood Magic

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I would add other copy about Sure Gamble instead one Kati Jones, because it is basic start the game with one copy of the Sure Gumble and Kati Jones is unique and you can find it with John Masanori or Express Delivery easily. Anyway your deck is fun and awesome in my opinion. Well done!!

I'd make these changes:

-Lucky find

-Liberated Account x2

-Dirty Laundry x 3

-Armitage Codebusting x3

+Rachel Beckman x2

+Demolition Run x2

+Daily Casts x 3

+Sure Gamble x1

+Cyber Feeder x1


The reason for this is you've planned the first three clicks of almost every turn already, Kati makes that four. You don't have clicks to be taking money from Armitage or from Liberated Accounts, Daily Casts doesn't require that.  Keep the Dirty Laundry if you must, because at least that fits with your planned strategy of clicks on a standard turn.  Beckman adds a Very valuable click per turn.  Lucky Find is a hard pill for me to swallow.  It's almost like Sure Gamble on Steroids, but that card doesn't need Steroids, especially when there are better things to spend influence on, like Rachel Beckman.


Of Further note, I find Knight almost always needs an E3 feedback filter, but I don't know where you'd cut more influence for it.

Sep 29 2014 06:08 AM

Very cool deck.


While I appreciate the argument above, I don't quite agree in every detail. Although your central combo is click-hungry, games are never quite that simple and you do, as you say, have a long set up period. Probably Katy is indeed too slow and you would benefit more from the extra Sure Gamble and Cyberfeeder Neovitalis suggests. Lucky find is good though, and I think the fact that it's a double is an acceptable level of faff. Its low face value is a boon for picking yourself up out of a hole.


Rachel is obviously great, but good grief she is so expensive! If you find that you're rolling in cash with this deck then definitely include her, but if - as I suspect will be the case - you do not, then don't.


Liberated accounts is the toughest one to call, I think. Six is a big face value to heave out onto the table, then it's two more clicks before you're seeing profit. It's awesome if you see it early doors though - 10 credits for 5 clicks is huge. Daily Casts is solid at the start of the game, but better later. It's good for when you've already bought your expensive toys and you want to transition into drip economy. So I guess you should choose between daily casts and Lib Accounts based on whether you feel poorer at the start of the game or in the mid-game.


I like Armitage. It's easy to get on the table, and it props up your economy across a quite a few turns. I find that I click it almost absent-mindedly when I've got nothing more pressing to do. If you do find that you have enough money (I never find that) and that you are struggling to find clicks as NeoV argues you might be, then demolition run is obviously awesome for you to combo with your Plan-B of medium/Nerve Agent.

I ran this deck for ages, and slowly changed it... I think I ended up running it out of Noise! Against a lot of match ups it was utterly brutal, corps were finding they had to discard even three pointers into their archives. Anything they drew had to immediately go onto the table or they lost it.


I had high hopes for it against NEH as it's incredibly punishing of naked remote play, and Whizzard can trash the assets to keep the corp's money down. But it just wasn't QUITE fast enough. There's definitely something here, and I hope you keep playing this as it's a really cool deck to play (if nothing else, it's really made me appreciate Doppelganger... what an awesome console!).


For the record, my deck ended up looking a little like this:


Doppleganger Noise (45 cards)
Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire
Event (15)
3 Deja Vu
3 Dirty Laundry
3 Express Delivery
3 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble
Hardware (3)
3 Doppelganger
Resource (8)
3 Armitage Codebusting
2 John Masanori
1 Kati Jones
2 Liberated Account
Icebreaker (6)
1 Corroder
3 Knight
1 Mimic
1 Yog.0
Program (13)
3 D4v1d
2 Datasucker
3 Djinn
2 Hemorrhage
3 Parasite
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I think that Whizzard works better than Noise in this deck for two reasons:


1). Whizzard avoids spending credits silly (trashing cards) and you can save more credits to do runs or install cards.


2). Any corp against Noise usually protects the archives as fast as the corp can. The point in this deck is the surprise, seeing how the corp install ices to protect the HQ and RD and like this it could make the way to the archives easier. It's a pity that there is not space to use stimhack too, because this card could win a game at the end.


One turn using this deck would be like this (the perfect turn in other words):


1º clic: Run (with dirty laundry would be fantastic) + another run for the doppelganger.

2º clic: Use the hemorrhage ability.

3º clic: Use the hemorrhage ability again.

4º clic: Gain credits, quit any tag or install another card. Even maybe doing other run could be possible.


But to do this turn many times, we would have earned credits before (lucky find or armitage are the best choices at the beginning) and install the main cards to do the combo (two hemorrhage, djinn and a doppelganger). If we can install Masanori after that it could be great, but this card is not the priority in my opinion. 


And this deck using Whizzard above all is very competitive against corp decks with multi servers (Jinteki RP for example).

I just noticed that Mimic is a great icebreaker against ices like Tsurugi or Komainu (the best ices of Jinteki PE), so it saves virus counters in the datasucker for other encounters.


The problem in this deck that does not have link, so we have to be carefully for punitive counterstrike and other cards.