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MaxX Eater Aggressive

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OK, I finally playtested it (our group doesn't meet very often).
From the 3 matches I played, I won 2 and lost 1.

In all the matches, I didn't really use my "throw stuff to archives" strategy, instead scoring things directly from HQ, R&D or, rarely, from a remote server, poking all the servers and starving the corp for credits, then running on a server that they can't rez any ice.

I had no chance to use Keyhole, there was no window to install it in any of the matches. Cyber threat, on the other side, saw plenty of play, allowing me to poke without risking myself, or giving me a free run.


On the bright side, I was a bit worried about my economy, but it kinda worked, and I haven't really found myself lacking credits at all.


The problem I had in the last match I played (and lost) is that I was not able to score quickly enough, and then I lost gas, depleting my stack, and then I died from net damage (it was against a Personal Evolution deck, and I had 4 agenda points, but my only option at the last play was to eat up a Neural Katana damage to get to the agenda, but then I died because of the net damage from the identity's ability. The agenda was a 3 point one and would get me the win).

So, it seems that I'm not being able to be aggressive enough on certain times, and also it seems my recurse cards aren't very reliable. I sighed every time MaxX ability trashed a Deja Vu or a Same Old Thing. I'm updating it, by removing a copy of Desperado and including a copy of Levy AR Lab Access, to minimize that.


So, all that I need now is to find a way for it to keep putting pressure without losing steam. Anyone has any idea?
I have cards only up to Order and Chaos.

It seems that even after editing the deck and re-submitting it, it doesn't update here. What could have happened?