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MaxX's Deck


The question you need to ask yourself is "how can this deck win?". If you do that, you will see what's missing by yourself.

Yeah, admittedly I have play tested this deck against the Jentiki deck I posted here around the same time. And it lost, not as bad as you would think, but I had no hand and no deck for couple of turns at the end. It relies WAY TOOO HEAVY on Eater, and thats not just bad, its horrendous. I just want to see a great MaxX deck! Is that so wrong?

Apr 25 2015 11:12 AM

I would take a second copy of Levy and some Mimics (just in case there's a Swordsman). You also need Keyhole - 3 copies of it. Take a third copy of Wanton Destruction and at least two copies of Singularity. Motivation also comes in handy, because you may look at one of the cards that will be trashed next turn, giving you the opportunity to draw in case you need it. Cut Chop Bot 3000, Stim Dealer, Joshua B and Duggar's. Replace Logos with Box-E and you might take Data Folding instead of Daily Casts.

May 13 2015 03:17 PM

why no clone chip since you rely on eater so much

There is absolutely no room. None deck wise or influence. Now what this deck needs, is someway to deal with Swordsman.

I'm not an expert, but I'd retool pretty significantly:


- I'd lose Security Testing.  It's a personal prejudice, I admit, but the fact that this card can't be stacked on a server (you can only fire one of them on a run, per the errata offered by FFG - you can only 'not access cards' once), you can do better for econ.

-  I'd use a more traditional breaker suite.  Eater + Keyhole is fine and all, but you have some of the best breakers in game in-faction.


I've also seen a local MAXX deck that had a fantastic combo built around Wyldside + Chronotype.  He was essentially drawing three cards a turn, seeing two more, and burning through his deck at a fantastic pace.


Me?  I'd go:




-Security Testing


-Data Folding

+Inside Job

+1 Levy

+Vigil  (for even more card draw)

+1 Same Old Thing

+A solid breaker suite:  2x Corroder, 2xYog.0, 2xMimic.  This plus the two eaters should give you some teeth (if you'll pardon the pun)


Plus more econ.  Armitage is great, Daily Casts is great,   You'll also want a current - hactivist is BRUTAL, and if you can find the space you should shove it in.


But, those are just my ideas.  If you can work in the Wyldside + Chronotype + Vigil, you'll be pulling 4 cards a turn and seeing two more. It's unbelievably intense.

There is always D4Vid for dealing with Archer and Mimic for Sowrdsman. 3 Amped up seem a little too much IMO. Nice ideas there, I will give a try, thanks for posting it!