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Curious, why not include Emergency Shutdown? Seems like the perfect card to go along with Blackguard. Run HQ - Expose with Ability - Force to Rez with Blackguard - De-rez with Emergency Shutdown. 


Any tips on how to play this deck?

Cool concept.  I like it.  


Does the Overmind AI get enough milage before you run out of counters to break ice?  Grapping Hook and E3 Feedback help out on that account.   


Inside Job helps a lot too.  But it seems like this deck can fade pretty fast towards the long part of the game when you have several layers of ice.  Your Overmind AI just wouldn't have enough "umph" to get through it all.  The good news is that at least you have a lot of good visibility and access into HQ runs.


I like the idea though.  Very cool.  


Disclaimer:  Still a newb player .