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Sunny memorylinks 2.0


any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback?

wow! 300+ views and not a single comment in 6 months. the deck must really suck.

Hey Dieyoda 


Regarding comments and views ratio that apperently upset you so much :) Many people don't have an account and just are viewing decks. I Myself didn't had an account up untill this point so I could not leave a coment or rating. If that warms your heart know this I've set up an account just so I can leave this comment for you ;D


Regarding your deck - I 've attempted several sunny decks but I'm by no means expert and tend to play "fun" decks instead of "turnament" decks my self, all that in mind - here is my feedback.


First of all I think that Carrer fair is unnecessary. You have only one resorce (x3) that cost 3 or over (daily casts) the rest cost 1 or 2 credits each - so playing carrer fair on them is a waste. Alternative is to keep it in hand untill daily cast show's up.


I do not like disel myself, that is a personal preference but i much more prefere Earth rise hotel as my drawing card + it costs 4 credits making carrer fair more usefull already + no influence!


Globalsec as link booster is cheap. That is a boon, however I like borrowed satelite much more. 


Heave you tried one-off criminal cloud brakers? Spike, shiv, and crowbar? They are fairly cheap both on the credit and influence side and you can have a whole lot of them instaled at the same time! First of all they reach ridiculus amounts of strenght on their own plus you can turn them to to even more ridiculous amounts of strenght using security chips! :D


Consider card Maven as you ai braker as well :)


Also recently there have been releseed few new mini faction cards including few for Sunny :) 


Black Hat is really good - especialy if you have ridiculous amonts of links plus you can get virtually anywhere with no fuss at all.

Office Supplies - can easily replace both sure gamble and disel

White Hat has its usses as well.


hope that helps ;D